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Fire Extinguisher Services

Fire extinguishers are small, inexpensive, and your first line of defense during a fire. Access to a functional fire extinguisher can prevent a small fire from turning into a deadly blaze, saving lives and property. United Fire Protection is a full-service fire extinguisher provider – one company to call for needs identification, purchase, repair, testing, and installation. With four locations, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Atlanta, United Fire Protection will help identify the appropriate fire extinguisher for your commercial property, data-center, hotel, healthcare facility, government building, or warehouse

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

Fire extinguishers are designed to extinguish a specific class of fire, class A, class B, or class C. It is critical to assess your entire building to determine the class of fire(s) you may face. One area may be susceptible to a class A fire and require a water extinguisher while another area may be susceptible to both class A and class B fires and require a foam fire extinguisher.

Are Fire Extinguishers Required by Law?

In most cases, fire extinguishers are required in commercially owned buildings. The specific requirements are based on federal, state, and local codes.

How Many Fire Extinguishers Should Businesses Have?

The number of fire extinguishers necessary to keep your property safe is unique to each structure. The size and layout of each room, fire hazards, and stairwells are just a few of the determining factors.

Where Should Fire Extinguishers Be Located?

The simple and unclear answer to this question is that the correct type of fire extinguisher should be easily accessible during a fire emergency. Mounting hardware, height, placement, and signage are all dependent on the type of fire extinguisher, the location of the risk, and the travel distance to the fire extinguisher.

Identifying the legal requirements, type, number, and location for fire extinguishers is a complex process that requires an extensive property evaluation by a qualified fire protection company.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

United Fire Protection will help you identify the type of fire extinguisher necessary to keep property and people safe. We sell an extensive line of fire extinguishers that meet the needs of large buildings with a variety of fire hazards.

Fire Extinguisher Repair and Testing

There is nothing worse than needing a fire extinguisher only to realize that it does not work. Similar to other safety devices, it is important to maintain your fire extinguishers. United Fire Protection provides inspection, testing, and repair services on a schedule that is suitable for your unique building. We will evaluate, recharge, and repair damage  – bumps, dents, leaks, and other defects, to ensure each fire extinguisher is in perfect working order.

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire code regulations combined with building and room sizes, unique hazards, and other structural elements determine fire extinguisher installation requirements. United Fire Protection experts will assess your specific needs, guiding you through appropriate installation locations and options.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Properly training building occupants to safely use fire extinguishers gives them the confidence to respond quickly during a fire emergency. The simplest method for using a fire extinguisher is PASS:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the nozzle/hose
  • Squeeze the lever
  • Sweep side to side

United Fire Protection provides practical training to educate on fire hazards, fire extinguisher locations, fire extinguisher use, and fire safety procedures. Call us today to request a quote.



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