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Your Commercial Building Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist


Your annual fire inspections are important to the safety and well-being of the people and possessions within your building. If you own a commercial property or manage a property, then you should take these inspections very seriously. Any violation of the fire code for your area will require your attention to fix before any serious consequences result.

If you have a fire inspection coming up, here are a few things to check off beforehand.

Fire sprinkler systems

What was the date of your fire sprinkler installation? Have you had any fire sprinkler inspections recently? Is there anything blocking or covering the heads of your sprinkler system? These are questions you should ask yourself in order to prepare for your annual inspection. Outdated systems or those that need attention will result in code violation. Ensure that you have any sprinkler system repairs completed well in advance, or make note of any necessary sprinkler system repairs to get ahead of the game.

Getting in and out

Your building should be easily accessible and people should easily be able to leave your building as well.

  • Exit doors should be free and clear of any debris;
  • Fire hydrants should be easily seen and accessible;
  • All doors should function properly and be easily found;
  • All doors should be able to be opened from the inside without the use of a key or passcode;
  • Fire doors should close and latch unassisted.

Electrical components

Electricity is a big issue for many buildings and faulty wiring or electrical hazards present a high fire risk. You should prepare for your inspection by:

  • Ensure that cover plates are placed on all boxes;
  • Clearly label all of your circuits in all panels;
  • All panels should have at least 30 feet of uninterrupted access in front of them;
  • You shouldn’t be using extension cords as a permanent means of power;
  • Extension cords should be in good condition and only used for small appliances;
  • All cords need to be grounded.

This basic fire checklist will help you prepare for your inspection and it’s important not to skip anything.

When it comes to high-rise fires, half of them are made up of four property classes: apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the ill. However, it’s important to ensure that any building, big or small, is properly safeguarded against a fire.

If your commercial property needs updated fire protection services, call us today.







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