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Why You Should Have a Fire Alarm System and How to Take Care of it

fire alarm

fire alarm systemsHotel fires alone cause 15 deaths a year and around 150 injuries, not to mention the $76 million in property loss costs they also incur. However, did you know that the National Fire Protection Association does not have any records of a fire that killed more than two people when the building had a properly functioning sprinkler system accompanied by commercial fire alarms?

Fire alarm systems are one the most crucial elements when it comes to saving lives during a real fire. If only every building had fire alarm systems and fire safety measures. Although fire alarm systems are extremely important, they’re only useful when used properly. Here are just a few ways to ensure that your fire alarm systems will help save lives if that day comes:

  1. Initial Installation
    Make sure that the fire alarm installation is done correctly. This is the first step in ensuring your precautions work. If this is done wrong, nothing will function as it should.
  2. Fire Drills
    Monthly fire drills not only prepare people for a fire, they ensure that the system is working correctly. Holding fire drills can make sure that proper protocols are followed. In an emergency, people tend to panic, and they need to have that muscle memory from the drills in place.
  3. Placement
    There are certain regulations that designate where fire alarms and sprinklers need to be placed. You need to know what these regulations are for your specific city, state, and structure before getting started. Often times, smoke or steam from bathrooms or kitchens can set off an alarm, so you want to make sure that you have placed the alarms and sprinklers properly, as well as have a safe procedure for kitchens and bathrooms.
  4. Maintenance
    As with everything, fire alarm systems need to be maintained. Sensors must be tested and calibrated as well as the sensitivity levels, batteries and inputs. Sprinklers will need gauges and valves checked and monitored. All this should be done at a minimum of twice a year.

Now that you know how to ensure your fire alarm is efficient, here are some ways to explain to your staff, family, or students why a fire alarm system is important in the first place:

  • Early Warning
    If you wait until you see the flames, it may be too late depending on the size of the fire. The alarm’s sensors will usually detect the first signs of a fire first and sound the alarm giving everyone time to get out. If you have a sprinkler system as well, once the sprinklers will automatically turn on once the alarm sounds, putting the fire out before it can get out of control.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Fire alarms provide protection even when there is no one in the building, so if the residents have gone out of town or no one is in the workplace or school, the fire alarm will call the authorities. This is especially important when there arepeople inside the building that are unable to get out.

Now, you can fully inform those around you as to why a fire alarm system is needed and how it is going to be implemented. This should help you quite a bit when it comes to protecting those around you.








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