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What to Expect During a Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection

Casualty rates in building fires double if there are no working smoke detectors present. Good fire alarms are integral to a safe workplace. Whether it be in a stadium, office building, manufacturing plant, or even a college campus, this statistic could significantly affect your life and that of the people around you. All buildings like these are required by law to have a fire safety system installed, but in order to ensure their consistent safety, they must undergo a regular fire alarm inspection.

These inspections stand to check the functionality of every aspect of the detection process with no inch left uncovered. But what exactly should you expect from one of these inspections? 

The First Steps in Fire Alarm Inspection

To be sure that your fire alarm inspection reaches the utmost safety standard, it is essential that you hire a Fire Protection Company. By taking this step, you are guaranteeing that each necessary step is taken and that a professional will complete each thoroughly.

Before absolutely any testing occurs, the two inspectors assigned to the job must alert the authorities of when and where the testing will take place. 

It takes two individuals to undergo the fire alarm testing procedure. This is due to the nature of each test. One individual will take their place inspecting the activity of the fire panel, while the other tests the respective detection device. They do all these tests one floor at a time, starting on the top floor. 

Detection Sequence

One of the first tests executed is the smoke detection test. The individual on the top floor will use a device that lets out fake smoke and the individual by the panel will indicate whether or not the panel accounted for that detection. They do this for each smoke detector on the floor and then move onto the next test.

Next, the inspection and testing of alarm pull systems occur. The person responsible for the test itself will make sure that each element of the pull system is functioning. Following this procedure, he will test each pull system for detection on the fire panel. 

If any part of the fire alarm systems proves faulty, there are further inspections and repairs that they can do to revitalize the detection system.

System Check

As they approach the end of the fire alarm testing procedure, it comes time to check the functionality of the alarm horns and strobe lights. Before this is done, they must inform the people on each floor of the test. After they alert the residents, the two inspectors will activate the horns and strobe lights and immediately check that each alarm is working on every floor.

One of the final steps of this procedure is to check the battery on the fire panel. This battery serves to provide power to the safety system in the event of a power outage. Once this has been completed, the fire alarm test is finished.

Take a Step Towards Safety

Fire alarm inspections can seem like a big task; there are so many boxes to check and nuances to every building. That is why it is essential that you use a reliable source to ensure your safety. Here at United Fire, we are dedicated to the safe operation of your fire alarm system. Contact us to take your steps toward prevention. 







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