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What Are Life Safety Systems and Why Are They Important?

life safety systems

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 structure fires in the United States annually? These fires can result in high damage, loss of business, and even the loss of life. It’s clear to see why life safety systems are so important in fire protection.

United Fire presents fire life safety systems that you can rely on, but what are these systems? Read on to learn more and why you should pay close attention to yours.

What Are Life Safety Systems?

Life safety systems are crucial for protecting people that are inside of any building. You never know when or why a fire could break out, so having these systems is more important than ever. Here are some of the categories and examples that you can find fire protection and life safety systems in.

Fire Detection

The first type of safety system is simple fire detection. You’ve undoubtedly seen many fire safety systems of this type.

For example, a fire alarm counts as a life safety system. These alarms will blare out to let others know that a fire or smoke has been detected and that safety dictates they evacuate. 

Fire Fighting

Fire fighting systems are meant to suppress or stop fires. Automatic sprinklers or fire extinguishers fall under this category. 

These sorts of installments are meant to stop a fire before things get out of hand. They also can keep a fire contained long enough for people to evacuate.


The third type of life safety system focuses on communication. Just as a fire alarm will alert others to leave, these systems will help ensure communication stays strong.

Monitoring systems and mass notifications are effective sorts of this tool. Intercom systems can also help keep communication, such as when firefighters arrive or to help call for help.

Even something as “minor” as signage and emergency exit lighting help. These systems help direct evacuees to where they need to go for their safety.

Why Inspect Life Safety Systems?

These systems are some of the most important things in your business. Here’s why you should ensure they’re properly expected.

Compliance Laws

Fire safety laws dictate that these systems are inspected regularly. There’s nothing more tragic than having a fire suppression system fail when it’s needed most. Compliance laws ensure that these systems are tested regularly so that you can count on them to work when it counts.

Prevent Tragedy

Undoubtedly, the most important reason to focus on these systems is to stop the loss of life. They are, after all, called “life safety systems.” Ensuring these systems are in the best working order will keep your customers and employees safe, preventing tragedy.

Using Life Safety Systems

Keeping your life safety systems in working order is crucial to a safe and compliant workspace. Make sure you schedule your next inspection as soon as possible to keep safety at the highest possible standard.

For more information on keeping your property as safe as possible, contact us immediately to learn more.







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