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Top 5 Advantages of Using VESDA Smoke Detectors in Your Workplace


The National Fire Protection Association reports that fire departments respond to approximately 3,340 office building fires annually! These workplace fires are the cause of 40 deaths annually and over $100 million dollars in property damages.

Even with fire safety best practices as a priority, you should invest in VESDA fire systems to protect your employees from harm. If you are concerned about your business in the Tampa area do follow this and keep reading to learn more about the top five advantages of using VESDA Smoke Detectors.  

Even with the best fire safety protocols, accidents can happen- that’s why it is essential to prioritize fire safety in the workplace.

1. Early Detection 

Smoke detectors are fire-prevention tools that instantly identify and warn people of smoke. These devices are able to recognize when smoke enters the chamber because they use a photoelectric sensor and a light sensor. Once the sensor detects a trace of smoke you can be alerted to the dangers of a fire. 

Fire safety is greatly aided by working smoke detectors. These tools allow for the early identification of office fires and will enable you to take immediate action before a small fire worsens. Smoke detectors in your office can help you lower the annual number of fire-related occurrences if you regularly inspect them.

2. Easy Maintenance

To ensure they function when you need them most, regularly check your smoke detectors. You must regularly inspect fire alarms’ sensors and charge. VESDA smoke detection software comes with easy maintenance features. 

3. Protect Your Property 

A smoke detection system can help you protect your property in the event of a fire. An out-of-control flame can cost you millions if left undetected. A VESDA smoke detection system can help you defend your property. 

4. Opportunity to Educate Employees

Installing a VESDA smoke detector provides an opportunity to educate your staff about fire safety. By educating your staff about your fire prevention plan, you’ll be able to take the essential precautions to avoid fires and address problems as they emerge.

You can put together an emergency response team once everyone on your staff is knowledgeable on general fire prevention techniques. In an emergency, the people will take the initiative to lead the other workers to safety. Team leaders can ensure a smooth building evacuation even though everyone is responsible for knowing an evacuation plan.

5. Reduce Disasterous Fires 

Although you can depend on your VESDA system to alert you to a fire. You should also be proactive about reducing fires in the workplace by adopting fire safety practices.

High-risk workplace locations include spaces with electrical wiring, chemicals, and trash. A spark from a damaged wire could start an electrical fire. You should make sure that all technology and equipment are properly maintained and kept organized to lower the possibility of a workplace fire.

Invest in a VESDA Fire System

Installing VESDA fire systems at your place of employment is a great way to ensure workplace safety. Employers must stress the importance of fire safety in the workplace.

A business that lacks a dependable smoke detection system will put lives at risk and leave itself susceptible to costly fire damages. Contact us today to get your VSDA fire system today.