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Three Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tips for Your Business

fire extinguisher inspection

United Fire works hard to help clients prevent disasters and catch potential emergencies early so you can minimize damage. Whether one works with their Fort Lauderdale location or any of the three others, they want to keep you safe.

One simple fire safety tip some companies overlook is fire extinguisher inspection. Fire extinguishers do not last indefinitely. There are some basic best practices one should follow to inspect them properly.

1. Professionals Make It Easy

Perhaps the simplest way to approach fire extinguisher inspection is to utilize a professional fire extinguisher service. United Fire can help your company with all code-required inspections (and beyond, if you so wish) as well as repairs if they discover any problems.

A professional service helps ensure a building is up to code. It is certainly possible to do so internally, but that takes both training and time to get right.

Simply put, many organizations are ill-equipped for keeping their building up to fire code. While not immensely complex, the fire code does have a number of rules you need to follow and can sometimes change over time.

2. Different Fires Require Different Extinguishers

One common mistake companies make is forgetting about fire extinguisher classes. Extinguishers are rated in terms of their ability to fight the five classes of fires.

While Class A fires are fairly simple to control, the others add to the complexity. For instance, water extinguishers are usually inappropriate and even dangerous if used on grease (Class B) or electric (Class C) fires.

The good news is that these details are easy to learn about if one looks. All modern extinguishers have labels detailing their appropriate uses. Many rate for multiple types of fires, making them convenient and more widely useful.

If you have not done so, have all maintenance staff read the labels of your establishment’s fire extinguishers. Beyond the extinguisher’s rating for fire, these labels have other important information, such as instructions for their use and maintenance. 

3. Understand Proper Procedure

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has set a number of reasonable inspection requirements that any business or building owner ought to know. One of the most notable are those related to inspection.

You should inspect fire extinguishers when first installed and once a month thereafter. Areas that expose extinguishers to harsh harsh conditions must be inspected even more frequently.

Furthermore, extinguishers need maintenance examinations at least once a year. Then, every one to six years depending on the extinguisher, they also need a thorough internal examination. Unlike monthly inspections, these examinations must be performed by professionals.

Get Help With Fire Extinguisher Inspection And More

Fire extinguisher inspection is critically important for both safety and ensuring your organization is not fined. United Fire can help on both fronts.

United Fire offers a number of fire protection services, with a proven track record. No matter how big your organization is, United Fire is equipped to keep you safe and up to code.







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