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The Importance of Fire Suppression Systems in Data Centers

fire suppression systems

If you are responsible for owning, maintaining, or managing a data center of any kind, understanding data center fire protection is essential. The data center industry is now a $6.8 billion market in the US alone, responsible for managing and storing the data of billions of people and countless companies. If a fire breaks out in your data center, the results could be catastrophic. Not only would you potentially lose extremely expensive equipment, but the permanent loss of data and computing power could be impossible to recover from. Read on to find out everything you need to know about fire suppression systems for data centers. 

1. Data Centers Carry Significant Fire Risks

The importance of data center fire protection takes on a whole new dimension when you consider the staggering range of fire hazards that are present in any data center. Any data center contains thousands upon thousands of wires and cables, which could easily ignite a large fire with little more than a spark.

In addition, the complex aeration systems designed to keep data centers cool are also perfect fuel for spreading fire, while powerful HVAC systems are large hazards in themselves. Furthermore, the largely unmanned nature of data centers means it can be difficult to spot a fire before it is too late, which is why you need an effective early warning smoke detector

2. Fire Suppression Systems Are a Legal Requirement

While fire protection for data centers is important for business reasons, it is also a legal necessity. There is a range of government standards, such as NFPA 2001, EN15005, and ISO 14520 that govern data center fire protection.

By failing to install a compliant fire suppression system, you could be breaking the law. In addition, having a quality, effective fire suppression system in place will likely be required by your insurance provider, with better systems likely resulting in a lower insurance bill for you. 

3. Fire Suppression Systems Can Save Your Data 

You might think that fire suppression systems such as sprinklers are not good at protecting data centers from fire, as the water may damage the equipment. However, this could not be further from the truth. Modern fire suppression systems use a range of techniques that are designed to preserve the integrity of electronic equipment.

This includes mist spraying systems that extinguish fire sources without flooding the center. It may also include a system that shuts off the oxygen completely, starving the fire of its fuel. If you care about your data, invest in modern fire protection for data centers. 

4. Fire Suppression Systems Can Prevent Reputational Damage

It is worth emphasizing that the most significant cost of a fire to your business is not material. If a fire destroys your data center, the reputational damage will be very difficult to recover from. Corporate clients will no longer feel safe paying you to store their data.

Even if your insurance covers any losses to clients and users, you will still be held responsible for letting a fire get out of control. Avoid this possibility completely by investing in top-tier fire suppression with a local provider you can trust

Install Quality Fire Suppression Today 

If you want to protect your data center against all eventualities, now is the time to invest in quality fire suppression systems. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

To find out more about the fire suppression options available to you, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today. 







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