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The Importance of Exit and Emergency Lighting

emergency lighting

There are an average of 3,170 deaths in the United States each year due to fire. Commercial and public buildings must have adequate emergency lighting to help direct people to safety in the event of a fire, power outage, or other disasters. 

Exit lighting points people where to go during an emergency, and it needs to be clear and easy to spot even in the dark. 

You need to pair your fire alarm system and sprinklers from United Fire with the right emergency lighting to keep your building and those inside safe. Here’s why having emergency lights is so crucial. 

Comply With OSHA Regulations

If you own or manage a commercial building, hospital, manufacturing plant, large office, etc., you must comply with OSHA regulations. 

For instance, OSHA has certain rules on the illumination and appearance of exit signs. 

The best solution to ensure you meet regulations is to hire a fire protection contractor to install the system. 

Safer Evacuations

When there’s a fire or other emergency, people tend to panic. If they can’t see the exit, it can make matters worse and even put them in danger. 

Installing exit and emergency lighting ensures a safe and timely exit. People can identify the exits and head toward them. 

Exit signs direct people towards the doors, and emergency stairwell lighting prevents people from tripping and falling in the dark as they evacuate. 

Easier for First Responders to Act

Exit signs aren’t only for employees, patients, or customers. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 23,825 firefighters were injured in 2019 alone. Thankfully, emergency lights direct first responders through your building, making it easier for them to navigate and safer to do their jobs. 

It’s especially important during a fire, as smoke can make it more difficult to see. 

It Keeps People Calmer

When many people think of an emergency situation that involves an evacuation, they imagine overcrowding, rushing, pushing, and panic. But while an emergency can cause anxiety and fear, most people follow instructions and look for the exits as expected of them. 

When exit lighting is easy to spot and follow, it can help keep people calmer. It’s easier to follow directional markers to safety. 

You can also take steps such as educating employees on fire safety, keeping all emergency lights clear and easy to find, outlining fire evacuation routes, and so on. 

Emergency Lighting Stays On

One of the biggest benefits of exit lights is that they stay on even if the power goes out. So, even in the dark, the emergency lights remain visible. 

In emergency situations, people are often confused at first. They may not be aware of what’s going on. If it’s dark, they may struggle to find a way out of the building. 

When you install proper emergency lighting, it reduces this confusion and ensures a safer and quicker evacuation. 

Stay Safe 

Emergency lighting saves lives by providing direction during emergencies. Make sure your building has adequate emergency lights and pair them with a fire protection system you can rely on. 

United Fire Protection offers a variety of fire safety systems and equipment. Learn more about installing a fire alarm system to suit your business needs, and get started today.







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