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The Danger In Starting a Fire: 3 Things You Should Know About Hotel and Motel Fires

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fire protectionHotel and motel fires are far more common, far more deadly, and far more destructive than you might think. Though they’re rarely heard of in the news, these destructive fires are a far larger problem than you can imagine. Here’s what you should know:

There Are Thousands of Hotel and Motel Fires Each Year.
Every year, there are about 3,900 hotel and motel fires reported to U.S. fire departments. That’s more than 10 hotel and motel fires each and every day. Most of the time, these fires are small, contained blazes that fire protection products, such as commercial fire sprinkler systems, can quickly and efficiently take care, but they can quickly escalate into real blazes.

These Fires Can Be Quite Lethal.
Fires are dangerous. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter how large or small it is, fires are dangerous situations that can lead to serious injury, or worse. Believe it or not, hotel and motel fires cause about 15 deaths, and 150 injuries each and every year. In other words, at least one person dies from a hotel fire each month.

Hotel and Motel Fires Are Highly Destructive.
In addition to the loss of life and well being, hotel and motel fires also destroy property, which are bigger losses than they seem to be. Not only does a hotel or motel need to pay exorbitant amounts of money to have the room repaired of the fire, smoke, and water damage done as a result of the incident, they also can’t have people stay in the room until it’s fixed, which means they can’t make as much money in the face of a huge expense. In fact, hotel and motel fires actually cause about $76 million in property loss each and every year.

Commercial fire protection services can outfit hotels with the necessary equipment to prevent fires, and all of the destruction they cause. If you have any questions about how fire protection services can help, feel free to share in the comments.







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