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Fire Alarm Services in Tampa

United Fire Protection understands the particular fire protection needs of commercial and industrial businesses, and when we partner with you, we know it is critical to tailor a solution to best protect your investment. We will never recommend a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our certified technicians do what they do best: design comprehensive fire alarm solutions that will protect what matters most…the people, building and its assets.

Our design team knows that operational efficiency is a top priority for you. Part of our service includes an easy to use, web-based reporting system that gives you 24/7access to critical data within your own secure portal. Your dedicated United Fire Protection Account Manager keeps track of key inspection dates and coordinates with you for emergency service and preventative maintenance.

Fire Alarms Systems To Protect Your Tampa Business

Tampa is at the center of many headquarters offices for finance, retail, healthcare, insurance, national defense and real estate developers. As the seventh-largest port in the country, it also houses many warehouses and distribution centers, holding millions of dollars in cargo awaiting transport to its final destination. Working with a company that has over 15 years of experience in protecting these buildings and assets you can be rest assured that United Fire Protection will customize the right solution for your fire alarm system.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Services:

United Fire Protection, a full-service fire protection and life safety company, handles every part of protecting the employees, buildings, and property that make up your commercial business. We can design, install, inspect, repair, and even continuously monitor your fire alarm system.

Fire Alarm Design and Installation. Based on what local fire officials require for your building, we design a fire alarm system that meets your needs, which will be different if you are constructing a new office tower vs. rehabbing a warehouse that will be used for computer storage. Once the design phase is complete, our qualified technicians – never subcontractors – will install your system.

Fire Alarm Repair and Maintenance. Even well-designed systems need preventive maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them at optimal performance. A United Fire Protection technician is available at all times to keep you facilities safe and your mind at ease.

Fire Alarm Inspections. United Fire Protection will perform the periodic inspections needed to keep your systems in compliance with local regulations and inspection requirements of the NFPA. Our ScanSeries® application will instantly collect and retain relevant data for you that can be accessed at any time via our secure online portal.

Fire Alarm Monitoring. United Fire Protection offers 24/7 monitoring protection with Central Station Monitoring from our partner, Emergency 24. When your alarm goes off, Emergency 24 will notify the local fire department, contacts from your company, and United Fire.

One Call Does It All For Protecting Your Tampa Business

When you work with United Fire Protection Protection, you get properly trained and certified technicians, as we do not subcontract any part of our services. We handle every part of the design, installation, maintenance, repair, and inspection using qualified in-house personnel, and we pride ourselves on the World Class Service that we built our company on.

Contact United Fire Protection today and protect your Tampa business with our fire alarm services, at 888-822-5544 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.



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