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Stopping Fires Before They Start: The Most Common Causes of Workplace Fires

Fire sprinkler

fire sprinkler repairSafety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, and having precautions in place is important for every building owner. Precautions such as fire safety and protection are key in keeping people in the building safe as well as minimizing damage. Keeping those systems in check through regular fire sprinkler repair and maintenance and fire alarm monitoring is important as well. However, knowing the major causes of fires in the workplace is necessary in keeping the workplace safe and protected. To help keep your workplace safe, here are the most common reasons for fires at work:

  • Electrical
    Consider the amount of wires, computers, and technology inside the typical office. As a result, electrical fires account for a large portion of workplace fires, which are often sparked by a defect in wiring or a piece of electric equipment that overheats. If an electrical fire starts during the workday, everyone in the building could be at risk. However, if a spark catches during the night, the fire could spread totally out of control before anyone notices. To protect your office from electrical fires, make sure all building staff are trained on your safety protocols. In addition, all equipment should be routinely inspected for flaws, and that includes your fire safety equipment. Never underestimate the benefits of regular fire alarm and fire sprinkler repair.
  • Flammable and Combustible Materials: Of course oil, gasoline, and other combustible materials are part of this list, as many manufacturers and industrial sectors depend on these fuel sources daily. However, there are many other flammable materials that you may not realize. It’s important to read the safety warnings listed on all chemicals, materials, and equipment to know their hazard classification and how to dispose of them properly.
  • Human Error: As with many things, the effectiveness of the precautions set in place are only as effective as their operators. If maintenance hasn’t been performed as routinely as advisable, then the systems in place are rendered all but useless. A staggering 44% of dry or wet chemical systems failed between 2006 and 2010 due to lack of maintenance. As such, fire sprinkler repairs, alarm monitoring, and fire safety training are all things that need to be done regularly. Make sure employees are aware of proper protocols and all preemptive measures are taken. In other words, if your sprinklers are broken, call a fire sprinkler repair company right away to get them fixed.
  • Negligence: Unfortunately there are times when people and employees ignore proper protocol and perform activities that are potentially hazardous. These can be simple things such as having hot surfaces near flammable items, using open flames in unprotected areas, abusing the office kitchen, or smoking. In these instances, the best case scenario is to inform your employees of proper safety methods and enforce common sense rules.

You should always be aware of how your fire suppression and protection systems are operating and make the necessary adjustments if needed. If your building is without fire safety protection, then you should contact a fire protection service immediately for fire sprinkler installations and fire alarm services.