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Sprinkler Installation for College Campus Buildings

sprinkler installation for college campus buildings

When disaster strikes are your campus buildings prepared? Structure fires on college campuses are a real threat. They not only endanger faculty and students but also open the door to potential lawsuits.

Firefighters report over 3,810 fire responses in college residence halls each year. Make sure you’re covered with a proper fire sprinkler installation for college campus buildings and don’t let your school become just another statistic.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

The two main fire sprinkler systems that are most functional for a college campus building are wet or dry systems. Each has its own benefits or disadvantages that can affect cost or capabilities.

Wet Sprinkler Systems

A wet sprinkler system is the most common type of fire sprinkler. Wet sprinkler systems are also the cheapest and most effective systems. In a wet sprinkler system, pressurized pipes contain water at all times.

Excessive heat triggers an immediate release of water. Wet systems require less maintenance because they are a simpler system. Due to its basic nature, it is also more reliable.

Wet sprinkler systems do have some disadvantages. The water housed in the system’s pipes can freeze if the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Thus, experts recommend not using a wet system in an area that can drop below 40 degrees as a precaution.

Dry Sprinkler Systems

Dry sprinkler systems are the more expensive and complicated of the two systems. In a dry system, the pipe houses pressurized nitrogen. In the event of excessive heat, a valve releases the nitrogen, depressurizes the pipe, and allows water to flow out.

A disadvantage of dry sprinkler systems other than their cost is that it takes 60 seconds for the water to reach the sprinkler heads. In an emergency, time is critical and 60 seconds can make a difference.

Dry sprinkler systems are more effective for colder areas because the nitrogen housed in the pipes cannot freeze. Their maintenance costs are more expensive, however, due to the complexity of their design.

Sprinkler Installation for College Campus Buildings

Many colleges across the country are ill-prepared for a fire. In fact, many residence buildings, the most likely site of a fire, don’t even contain sprinkler systems.

The importance of sprinkler installation for college campus buildings cannot be stressed enough. After installing the system, routine sprinkler inspections for college dorms and other campus buildings are equally as important.

A reliable sprinkler installation company will design your sprinkler system well and install it the proper way. It will also maintain and inspect it at regular service intervals. 

Better Safe Than Sorry

Have peace of mind if the unthinkable should happen on your college campus. Know that a reliable fire sprinkler system has you covered. Sprinkler installation for college campus buildings is a vital safety aspect that cannot be ignored.

As your institution works to shape young minds, know that these minds will be learning in a safe environment. Find out what type of sprinkler system works best for your college and stay abreast of other fire safety information by checking out our blog today.







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