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Recent Hotel Fire in Cairo, Egypt Sends 77 People to the Hospital

commercial fire alarm

commercial fire alarm

In early May, a fire broke out at a large hotel in downtown Cairo, Egypt. In the wake of the blaze, at least 77 people were injured, with the majority of victims suffering from smoke inhalations. According to reports, the fire started on the sixth floor of the Hotel Andalusia, where 15 firetrucks and 30 ambulances had to take action. Ultimately, the fire was extinguished and investigators are now working to determine the cause of the fire.

Whether it’s in Cairo, Egypt or Celebration, Florida, hotel fires are unfortunately a common occurrence. Every year, hotel fires result in a whopping $176 million in property losses, with hotel fires contributing to half of high-rise fires as a whole in this country. What’s worse, hotel and motel fires are responsible for 15 deaths and 150 injuries per year. And considering these injuries and fatalities can be avoided with simple fire protection safety protocols, these numbers are far too high. In order for high-volume, high-profit businesses such as motels and hotels to not only stay intact but keep their patrons safe, it’s critical that they invest in the necessary fire safety and prevention methods. Read on to discover the essentials of commercial fire protection:

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
Early warning systems are designed to alert guests and staff at the earliest indication possible if there is a fire on your hotel property. Commercial fire alarm systems also effectively alert the authorities of impending danger.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
While fire alarm systems detect fires, fire sprinkler systems extinguish and control fires. They can keep fires contained until help arrives or in some cases can put them out altogether.

Fire Protection Infrastructure
If you’re building a new hotel, it’s now possible to work with fire protection companies in order to help design elements that are fire-resistant, making them safer in every way possible.







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