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Preventive Maintenance: How to Conduct a Fire Safety Audit?

safety audit

According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year, there are about 3,340 fires in office buildings that require the assistance of fire departments. Each year, these industrial accidents caused more than 40 fatalities and more than $100 million in losses.

You can reduce your chance of falling victim to fire by conducting a safety audit. Accidents can still occur even with the finest fire safety procedures, which is why it is crucial to give fire safety in the workplace priority.

By using recommended practices for fire safety, many of these fires may be avoided. To discover more about workplace fire safety precautions, keep reading.

What Is a Fire Safety Inspection

An audit is conducted to determine how the premises are handled in relation to fire safety. You must show our officers that you have completed the tasks outlined in the Fire Safety Order.

Benefits of Conducting a Workplace Safety Audit

Your company will be reviewed for inefficiencies in your safety programs and procedures. A fire safety audit can assist in identifying problems that risk the workers’ health and safety. Additionally, you will be able to see any instances when conventional health and safety laws are not being followed. 

Conduct an Inspection

Your first priority should be to do a full inspection of your Smoke detectors are fire-prevention tools that instantly identify and warn people of smoke. These devices can recognize when smoke enters the chamber because they use a photoelectric sensor and a light sensor.

Fire safety is greatly aided by working smoke detectors. These tools allow for early identification of workplace fires and will enable you to take immediate action before a small fire worsens. Smoke detectors in your office can help you lower the annual number of fire-related occurrences if you regularly examine them.

Get Educated About an Action Plan

By educating your staff about your fire prevention plan, you’ll be able to take the essential precautions to avoid fires and address problems as they emerge.

In an emergency, the people will take the initiative to lead the other workers to safety. Team leaders can ensure a smooth building evacuation. Everyone should be knowledgeable of an evacuation plan.

Conduct Preventative Maintenance

High-risk workplace locations include spaces with electrical wiring, chemicals, and trash. A spark from a damaged wire could start an electrical fire. 

You should ensure that all technology and equipment are properly maintained and kept organized. You must handle chemicals, oils, and other combustible products in the office carefully.

It should be everyone’s responsibility to maintain a tidy workplace. This will help you clean the corridors in case of an emergency evacuation.

Conduct a Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety should be a top priority for your home and workplace. Poor fire safety procedures at work can endanger lives and leave your company vulnerable to expensive fire damage.

You can preserve lives and preserve your way of life by performing a fire safety audit. Contact us at United Fire to protect your property from unwanted fires. 







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