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Partners In Protection: Why You Need A Fire Alarm And A Fire Sprinkler

Fire Alarm Strobe Light

Protection against fires, for many people, stop at fire alarm installations. In reality, the alarm systems need to be paired with fire sprinkler systems to guarantee the safety of the property and everyone inside of it. For properties such as hotels and motels, property loss resulting from fires can result in up to $76 million every year. Cut down on these costs and see these other benefits by implementing fire sprinkler and fire alarm installations.

Better Reliability

The best fire protection services include both a fire alarm system and fire sprinklers because when they work in tandem they save the most lives. Studies have shown that 145 of smoke alarms have failed to work properly in the face of fire. In comparison, a fire sprinkler has a one in 500,000 chance of failing. Sprinkler heads are activated as soon as they detect a fire-sensitive heat and immediately go to work at putting out the fire. Even when a fire alarm system is working properly, they may not guarantee the evacuation of every person if they cannot hear or see the alarms going off. However, alarms are important in alerting those who can see and hear the alarms as soon as they detect danger.

Improved Quality Of Life

When fire sprinklers are installed in addition to fire alarm installations, the risk of death of building occupants decreases by over 80%. In comparison, fire and smoke detectors on their own add very little fire protection. They may get occupants out in time, but they do not do any work to put out the fire. This means that even if occupants get out in time, they still run the risk of smoke inhalation and being badly burned. Both of these hazards can lead to a premature death, even if the person survives the initial fire. When sprinklers were present and working in fire cases, there have been no incidents of multiple deaths reported.

Quicker Response To Fire Breakout

When a fire breaks out, most deaths happen within the first five minutes. Certain demographics of people are at higher risks of immediate death, such as the elderly and the young. These high-risk people may not be able to hear the alarm and move swiftly out of the building to a safe area. People in a property on fire may have just three minutes to escape, but fire sprinklers can put out a fire in a minute and a half. Sprinklers are imperative in controlling the spread of fire and giving people more time to evacuate.

Make sure that you have both components of a comprehensive fire protection system and that they are well-maintained by contacting a fire protection company today.







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