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Fire Alarm Services in Orlando

Since 1999, United Fire Protection has been assisting data centers, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, theme parks, and other commercial based businesses with reliable fire alarm systems that help protect both the buildings and people who work there. We specialize in working with you to customize and design the right fire alarm solution to fit your needs. At United Fire Protection we believe in providing World Class Service and in order to maintain the integrity of customer satisfaction, we never subcontract work; instead, we will handle all aspects of your fire alarm design, installation, maintenance, inspection and repair by our trained and certified technicians.

The top priority in any fire alarm system design is operational efficiency, and staying knowledgeable about the status of your system 24/7 is possible via a web-based reporting system from our secure online portal. Your dedicated United Fire Protection account manager monitors key inspection dates and will also coordinate emergency repair and preventative maintenance with you.

Complete Fire Alarm Protection In Orlando

While Orlando is considered a destination hotspot with theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, Orlando also creates a tremendous amount of business from hotels and the convention center, where consumer and fire protection safety are major factors to the economic impact Orlando creates as a destination city. This large variety of commercial attractions and buildings require custom fire alarm solutions and with over 15 years of experience of working with several area theme parks, hotels, data centers, distribution centers and office buildings United Fire Protection can help to fill that need.

Our Fire Alarm Services Include:

Fire Alarm Design and Installation. Working from the requirements of local fire officials, United Fire Protection designs a fire alarm system that meets the particular needs of your business. Your requirements as a restaurant owner will be different from what you need as building manager of an engineering center equipped with banks of computers and filing cabinets. Once the design is complete, our qualified technicians will handle the installation.

Fire Alarm Repair and Maintenance. After installation, United Fire Protection offers you the assurance that a technician will be available at any time to handle routine maintenance and repairs on your system. We share your goals that your system is always in optimal shape to perform when needed.

Fire Alarm Inspections. Both local authorities and the NFPA require that you have regular inspections on your system, so United Fire Protection will keep you on track and ensure that you have proper records using our ScanSeries® application to collect and record data.

Fire Alarm Monitoring. United Fire Protection offers 24/7 monitoring with Central Station Monitoring from our partner, Emergency 24. When your alarm goes off any time, day or night, Emergency 24 will notify the fire department, the contact on file at your company, and United Fire Protection.

One Call Does It All At United Fire Protection

United Fire Protection will manage your job from design, inspections and monitoring with World Class Service that we have built our business on. Call us today to speak with one of our certified fire alarm system professionals at 888-822-5544 or by completing our website form.



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