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Fire Protection Services in Orlando

United Fire Protection, a full service fire protection company, has provided superior fire protection services in Orlando, Florida for over 15 years. Our range of services includes sales, installation, maintenance and inspection of fire alarms, fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems. Our fire protection services provide World Class Service solutions for your commercial and industrial business needs.

United Fire Protection Offers The Following Fire Protection Services:

  • Fire Alarm System: sales, installation, maintenance and 24 hour monitoring
  • Fire Sprinkler System: sales, installation, maintenance and regular inspection
  • Fire Suppression System: sales, installation, maintenance and regular inspection

Fire Alarm Services in Orlando

We provide fire alarm protection services designed to meet the needs of any commercial or industrial facility in Orlando. Our systems are designed to rapidly alert building occupants to a possible fire so that they can quickly and safely vacate the premises. The added benefit of our connection to Emergency 24, the nationwide emergency response monitoring system, guarantees the immediate contact of first responders so that your facility is protected as quickly as possible. We are completely dedicated to maintaining the highest level of safety and security for your building and its occupants.

United Fire Protection’s NICET certified technicians will design and install a state-of-the-art fire alarm system designed to meet all building and fire codes and maintain your complete satisfaction. You can rest assured knowing your business is fully prepared for safety inspections and emergency situations 24 hours a day.

Our dedication to your safety also includes regular maintenance and inspection of your fire alarm system by our highly qualified and certified technicians.

Fire Sprinkler Services in Orlando

Even a small fire can become dangerous within a very short period, releasing toxic gases that can overpower occupants or first responders. Our fire sprinkler systems are designed to work in conjunction with our fire alarm systems. Occupants are immediately notified to vacate the premises and our fire sprinkler services work to quickly extinguish or lessen flames and smoke, so that first responders can clear the facility and bring the fire to an end. Our sprinkler systems protect both life and assets in a fire emergency, decreasing the heat, flames, smoke and gases that can cause extra damage.

United Fire Protection’s NICET certified technicians will design, install, inspect and maintain your fire sprinkler system so that both occupants and property are protected in case of a fire emergency.

Fire Suppression Services in Orlando

Fire suppression services provide your business with the extra measure of security that comes from knowing that your highly valuable assets, data and equipment will be protected from water damage in the case of an emergency. Fire suppression systems work by using fire suppression gases to stop the spread of deadly fires.

United Fire Protection’s NICET certified technicians will design, install, inspect and maintain your clean agent fire suppression system utilizing innovative solutions such as DuPont™ FE-25™, FM200®, 3M™ Novec™ 1230 and ANSUL® INERGEN®.

One Call Does It All At United Fire Protection in Orlando

When you contract with United Fire Protection, you get United Fire Protection. We never sub-contract our work. All of our services are performed by, inspected and maintained by our direct, qualified employees. We offer complete and comprehensive fire alarm system services. Since 1999, United Fire Protection has been providing Orlando, Florida area businesses with World Class Service and fire protection solutions. Contact a United Fire Protection representative today via our online form, or by calling us at 888-822-5544 to schedule a consultation.



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