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Keeping Up With Proper Fire Protection System Maintenance

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Fire protection systems are unsung heroes of the safety world that can go significant amounts of time without being paid attention to. Of course, it’s not until a fire emergency that people owe their well-being to those protections systems working without hitch.

Fire protection companies will preach the importance of fire alarms systems being updated, fire sprinkler repairs, just to name a couple of the types of fire protection services that need be paid attention to. Let’s Look a few important things to remember for keeping your fire protection systems in order.

General Attentiveness

You know the systems you have in place to protect your building in the case of a fire emergency. With larger buildings, it’s easy to forget to be attentive to all your fire protection systems. This is especially common because they’re not something most people think of regularly. Set a routine to periodically check on the status of every fire protection system your building has in place.

Don’t Slack On Repairs

Lack of maintenance on fire sprinkler systems was the cause of 44% of system failures between 2006 and 2010. Now that you’ve been generally attentive to the structure of your fire protection systems if you find problems, don’t wait on them. Every fire sprinkler company will tell you that a faulty sprinkler system isn’t a repair service that can wait until tomorrow. Get the appropriate repairs done promptly. Another important bit of advice is not to DIY fix fire protection systems. Sometimes well-meaning repairs do more harm than good when people are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of their fire protection systems.

Trust In The Professionals

A fire sprinkler company will ultimately know more about your fire sprinklers than you do. They’ll be able to more readily identify potential issues that your in-house inspections might have overlooked. Plus, fire protection systems require professional inspection and testing. Have your systems regularly inspected and tested by fire protection professionals who specialize in the systems you have in place. It’s always prudent to call in people with the appropriate training and knowledge to address your emergency systems.

Every building will have a different fire protection system maintenance outline, but these few tips are the foundation of keeping your systems in working order. Be attentive to what you have installed, make prompt repairs when needed, and always trust professionals with anything you aren’t sure of. Those are the first steps toward peace of mind.







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