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Keep Your Hotel Guests Safe With These Fire Protection Systems

Fire sprinkler

fire protection ft lauderdaleWhen it comes to hotels, you want to provide a quality, hospitable experience for your guests. You want them to feel welcomed, comfortable, and accommodated when they stay with your company. But what happens when disaster strikes? Some accidents are unavoidable, and a fire could happen within your hotel.

An estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries occur every year as a result of hotel and motel fires. The best way to keep your guests safe from potential danger is to install all necessary fire alarm and protection systems. Read below to learn more about the fire protection Ft Lauderdale hotel guests deserve.

  1. Fire Alarm System
    In the event of a fire, the first thing you want to do is alert your guests of the fire. An alarm system should not only be loud, but properly functioning to alert guests at the first sign of smoke. Once alerted, guests should be quickly evacuated to remove them from the building for their own safety.
  2. Fire Sprinklers
    Commercial fire sprinkler systems offer 24-hour emergency fire protection. By installing sprinklers in each hotel room, you can quickly and efficiently extinguish fires at the source before they get the chance to spread to other guests.Sprinklers contain the fire and prevent additional damage; it’s much easier to clean up water than to repair what a fire has burned. Quick response sprinklers release much less water than traditional fire hoses, effectively dousing the flames with minimal water damage. Sprinklers are a great method of fire protection Ft Lauderdale hotel owners can employ.
  3. Fire Suppression Systems
    Hotel and motel fires are responsible for causing over $76 million in property loss annually. Much of that loss comes from the destruction of expensive equipment and data systems that serve as the technological infrastructure of your hotel.You want to keep your guests protected, but you also want to protect your valuable assets. Fire suppression systems use gas to extinguish fires instead of water to not damage important technology and equipment. If your hotel could benefit from a fire suppression system, contact your local fire protection contractor for a full evaluation.

Don’t take any chances in incurring losses to your business, property, and most importantly the lives of your valued customers. Equip your hotel with the fire protection Ft Lauderdale guests and residents rely on.







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