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How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Devastating Fires

Fire sprinkler

commercial fire sprinklerAny business owner or commercial property owner will agree that fire protection is a crucial component of preserving the safety of your business and your employees due to the time, money and effort that will literally go up in flames if anything goes wrong. And even if fire safety isn’t your top priority (which is should be!), the law will still expect you and your facility to meet a minimum standard of protection.

And there’s good reason to be so diligent about fire protection. Every year, hotel and motel fires result in $76 million of property loss. And in 2010, fire departments responded to 1,200 fires in hospitals.

So how can commercial fires be prevented? Check out these four tips that will help protect your business’ livelihood and the lives that make it work:

Building Infastructure
If possible, it’s important to ensure that the infrastructure of your commercial building is made with fire-proofing material. This includes spray on thin film intumescents, endothermic materials, or concrete. Additionally, there should be fire walls, barriers, and partitions as well as smoke barriers. Additionally, fire doors and windows should be placed at the opening of a fire barrier.

Fire Safety Protocols and Planning
Did you know that only 35% of businesses have fire safety plans? This number is far too low, as all businesses should have a culture of fire safety among employees. All personnel should be familiar with fire safety procedures and should know the fire exits in the building.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
Having a sound commercial fire sprinkler and alarm system is essential when it comes to preserving the integrity of your building and the safety of your employees. In fact, the combination of commercial fire sprinkler systems and early warning systems can reduce your chances of life loss and property damage by 50%. Commercial fire sprinkler systems can be the difference between small damages and a destroyed property.

Got any concerns regarding commercial fire protection and safety? Leave your questions or thoughts in the comment section below.







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