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How To Minimize Fire Damage With Fire Protection

Any fire protection company will tell you that it’s important to implement fire protection services for your property. The first and most important reason? It helps save lives. The second most important reason is that it can reduce damages to your building and limit your cost of repair. Approximately $76 million in property loss occurs every year due to hotel and motel fires. Here are some different types of fire protection that will minimize fire damage.


Fire alarms can accomplish a lot in helping to save lives and reduce damage. They alert people of an emergency instantly. Every second counts when it comes to escaping a fire. The quicker people inside the property are alerted, the quicker they can get out and get to safety. A fire alarm not only alerts people inside of an emergency, but it can alert emergency personnel as well. Once alerted, fire trucks can be immediately sent to your property’s location. With the quick alert and the immediate response of fire fighters, a fire can be extinguished swiftly, which will help to limit significant damage to your property.


Fire sprinkler systems are also helpful to reducing damage to your property. When a sprinkler is activated, water is released and the fire is minimized. This can slow down or stop a fire from spreading in its early stages.
There are many different sprinkler systems, but two common types are the wet fire sprinkler system and the dry pipe system. The wet fire sprinkler system is attached to a piping system that is connected to a water supply. The water release is activated automatically by heat from over a fire. The dry pipe system has the sprinklers attached to a piping system containing air or nitrogen. Similar to the wet fire sprinkler system, the water release is activated by heat from a fire as well. Dry pipe systems are recommended if you live in an area that experiences cold climates. The wet fire sprinkler system with water in the pipes can freeze, making them useless in the event of a fire.


Fire suppression systems use the application of a particular substance to extinguish fires. Like sprinklers, they’re activated by heat from a fire or other warning signs. Different kinds of suppression systems are useful for different situations. For example, a gas system uses a stored liquid that is pressurized by nitrogen. When the chemical agent is released, it has a reaction with the fire and causes it to be extinguished. These are most useful for switch rooms or communication rooms.
Industrial fire suppression systems use dry chemicals that help to extinguish fires started by chemicals or hazardous materials. In some cases, you might find fire suppression systems will be more cost-effective for you. This option is one of the most effective services a fire protection company can offer you.
As mentioned earlier, every fire protection company will tell you that it’s crucial to implement fire protection services for your property. All of these options will help you save time, money, and potentially lives. To learn more, please contact us today.







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