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How to Keep Your Building, and Its Occupants, Safe From Fire

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fire protection servicesAs a building manager, building owner, or general supervisor, it’s your responsibility to keep the occupants of your building safe. That responsibility encompasses fire safety, which is especially important in residential buildings, restaurants, and hotels. There are many aspects of fire protection services that you should take into account, and below are just a few to note.

Get the Right Equipment

Your number one priority is to get the best equipment for your building. Not only does this equipment need to comply with local fire codes and regulations, but they should also be advanced enough to offer you peace of mind.

Fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler installations, and fire alarm monitoring are just a few services you will need to consider. Experts believe that the combination of early warning systems and automatic sprinklers, if present in all buildings, could reduce overall property damage, injuries, and loss of life by 50%. Having fire insurance isn’t enough to protect yourself in the case of fire, and it’s definitely not enough to protect building’s occupants. Talk to your provider to see what types of advanced fire protection services they offer.

Build Fire-Resistant Rooms

If you’re in the process of building, then you have a few codes you’ll need to adhere to. However, you’ll also want to take into account fire safety design principles as well. There should be specific compartments (they can be rooms) that are built to withstand fire and prevent it from spreading. This means that these compartments have to be sealed enough to create adequate fire barriers, i.e. no holes in the walls.

A high-rise apartment building, for instance, might have multiple floors, each floor with individual apartment units. If a tenant accidentally started a fire, you would want to contain the fire so that it doesn’t spread to other units. You would do so by making each unit a fire resistant compartment. Then, to stop the spread within the unit, each room would be a fire resistant compartment. This can be as simple as ensuring there are no holes in the walls, whether intentional or not, and equipping each room with fire-proof doors.

Educate Occupants

One of your main efforts to protect your building from a fire will be to educate everyone inside as to the proper safety protocols. That can incorporate daily fire safety measures, such as not leaving the stove on or no open flames, as well as post-fire safety tips, such as evacuation procedures. If your occupants are informed, then you’ve already taken a big step to keeping your building, and the people inside, safe.

There are many fire protection services to choose from when it comes to your building equipment. Your fire protection company can help inform you as to what is necessary for your building. However, you should take the initiative to keep your building safe as well.

If you’re looking for fire sprinkler installation or repair, fire alarm monitoring, and all things commercial fire protection, call us today.







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