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How Often Should You Maintain Your Building’s Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

There are far too many fires in the United States. Over a 10-year span from 2011 to 2020, there were more than 1.2 million fires nationwide per year. In the worst years, the total number of fires was nearly 1.4 million.

While home fires are common, nonresidential building fires also occur often. There are many different causes including cooking, electrical malfunctions, and careless mistakes. Criminals intentionally setting off fires is actually the leading cause of non-residential buildings.

Your building’s fire alarm system is all that is standing between you and ruin. Read on to learn how often you should maintain a fire alarm. Explore other important topics such as when to change your batteries and a fire alarm maintenance list.

What Are the Inspection and Testing Requirements?

Regular maintenance of your building’s fire alarms is necessary for protection. The ultimate goal is to protect lives, personal property, and places of commerce.

Inspection requirements are derived from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local regulations. We can handle your fire system inspections in Florida or Atlanta, Georgia so you do not have to. Our policy is to follow the more stringent inspection requirements, whether it comes from the local code or the NFPA.

In terms of intervals, we do quarterly inspections and testing. On an annual basis, we do a more thorough inspection and testing process. This way, building owners and executives can rest easy that the building’s alarm system will quickly alert authorities of a fire.

What Are the Recommended Maintenance Tasks?

Here are some general guidelines for a fire alarm maintenance list. While official inspections take place on a quarterly or annual basis, there are daily and weekly tasks to carry out.

For example, you should test a fire or smoke detector call point on a weekly basis. This is an opportune time to recalibrate alarm sensors.

Since many of our customers own large commercial buildings, like stadiums and industrial centers, there are often many zones to cover. Having more than 13 zones is common.

When dealing with so many zones, it is wise to break the work up and inspect the building incrementally. You may want to test one or two zones per week. Any issues that are observed during weekly testing need to be corrected promptly.

On a quarterly basis, you should check connections and batteries. It is wise to change your batteries to avoid a non-functional unit.

You also want to make sure there are no obstructions around the detectors. Control equipment and alarm sounders are also tested every three months.

Your Guide to Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Your building’s alarm system is one of the first lines of defense against a destructive fire. They alert workers and customers inside to evacuate and can save human lives. Alarms also notify first responders that can save the building and business property within.

Fire alarms only work if they are properly maintained. Routine inspection and testing are critical. If you need help with fire alarm system maintenance, contact us today to schedule an appointment.







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