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How Effective Are Fire Sprinkler Systems, Really?

Fire sprinkler

fire sprinkler systemChances are you know that fire sprinkler systems can save lives and prevent fire damage, but do you know just how effective these system are? Research shows that they’re more effective than you may already give them credit for, believe it or not. Here are just a few things to think about.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Can Halve Potential Losses
In one study, it was found that the combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in any type of building could reduce overall injuries, loss of life, and even property damage by 50% at the very least. That’s right. Installing fire sprinkler systems in any building — be it a hotel, an office, a school, or some other such place — could halve potential losses. How amazing is that?

Sprinkler Systems Work Virtually Every Time
In another study of fires, researchers found that fire sprinkler systems operated in 91% of all reported structure fires that were large enough to activate the sprinklers, excluding the ones that didn’t have these systems installed. In other words, they activated more than nine out of 10 times like they were supposed to. The chief reason they didn’t? Lack of maintenance. In other words, if these systems are well maintained like they’re supposed to be, they’re going to work when they’re supposed to.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Save Lives
The fact of the matter is that buildings need to have fire sprinkler systems installed because they save lives. A study from the National Fire Protection Association found there was no record of a fire taking more than two lives in a building with a full sprinkler system that was operating well.

If you manage a property that doesn’t have a sprinkler system, you’d be wise to get in touch with commercial fire protection services today to learn more about how these incredible systems can keep your property safe. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.