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Hotel Manager Jailed for Breaching Fire Safety Laws

worker installing smoke detector on the ceiling

fire alarm inspectionHotel and motel fires cause an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. As a hotel/motel manager it is your responsibility to ensure that your hotel is following all the fire safety laws put in place to keep your staff and your guests safe. Earlier this month, a hotelier in England was put in jail for eight months for ignoring fire safety laws and failing two fire alarm inspections. The forty five bedroom hotel didn’t have any working fire alarms, the hotel staff had not been provided any fire safety training, and there was no emergency lighting. Fire alarm inspection and maintenance is the most important aspect of fire safety in your hotel or motel. With the many other responsibilities and tasks at hand you may want to consider hiring a commercial fire protection service to keep your building safe and fire free.

Commercial fire protection services provide inspections, maintenance and installation services. This can range from fire sprinkler installations to fire alarm repair and other types of fire protection services. Certain types of buildings will also have unique fire safety requirements and needs, so it’s important to work with professionals who can ensure you get the best protection possible. If the risk of jail time isn’t enough for you to consider hiring experts in fire safety consider what it would take to have to rebuild your hotel/motel after a fire, not to mention the damaging effect it would have on your hotel’s reputation if life was lost. It is not a matter that should be taken lightly and should definitely be left in the hands of professionals.

These fire protection services don’t just install a system and leave! Many offer 24 hour monitoring of the business as well. They will teach you and your employees how to properly maintain the system, when to have it inspected, as well as safety measures on what to do in the case of a fire. In a survey of over 100 businesses, only 35% had any form of fire evacuation plan. Make sure to be a part of the percentage that wants to protect their employees and their customers.

There are many instances of hotel owners/managers being fined or jailed for ignoring fire safety precautions and you can easily avoid it by using commercial fire protection services. Fire alarm inspections and maintenance, as well as training for your staff, and fire sprinklers are all ways to keep your hotel/motel fire free. Get rid of any guess work needed and hire a professional to determine what is needed for fire safety. Let them focus on keeping your building safe so you can focus on building up your business and keeping your customers happy.







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