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Four Fire Sprinkler System Design Options

Fire sprinkler

fire sprinkler system designOne of the most critical responsibilities for a property manager is the issue of fire protection. Commercial fire protection systems are essential in minimizing a fire, reducing losses and most of all, saving lives. Here are four different types of fire protection services, and how they work.

1. Stand Pipes
Stand pipes are a fire sprinkler system design in which interconnected pipes provide a water source which helps extinguish a huge fire. This is particularly helpful for firefighters when sprinklers were not able to put out a fire. Proper installation of a standpipe system is essential for it to work correctly.

2. Dry Sprinkler System
A dry sprinkler system is a fire sprinkler system design which is similar to a wet sprinkler system. However, instead of water, nitrogen which is pressurized fills the pipes. The system is extremely effective in environments with low temperatures because the nitrogen does not freeze like the water would. This allows the fire to be put out and prevent the destruction of property.

3. Wet Systems
Pressurized pipes with sprinklers release water in a fire sprinkler system design called a wet system. This design is extremely effective and also the most common way of putting out a fire. Sprinklers immediately release water directly in the fire. It is essential to have proper maintenance for both dry and wet fire protection systems. From the years 2006 to 2010, for example, 44% of the instances of wet/dry system failures were attributed to a lack of maintenance.

4.Fire Pumps
The fire sprinkler system design known as the fire pump system operates on diesel or electrical power. The objective is that the high-pressure pump draws the water which might not be able to be reached otherwise. The water goes then goes out of the sprinklers and puts out the fire.

Fire alarm maintenance is extremely important to property manager managers. Multi-story buildings and commercial businesses such as condominiums, hotels, warehouses, and hospitals need to have an efficient commercial and industrial fire protection service and a reliable fire sprinkler system design. Not only will these precautions protect property, but these types of fire protection services will also protect lives.







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