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Fire’s Met Its Match: 3 Ways Properties Can Save Occupants From Blazes

fire alarm

fire protectionCommercial fire protection services can outfit non-residential properties with the products necessary to prevent, contain, and eliminate any fires that may accidentally happen throughout the course of a day. Here are just a few of the most effective ways non-residential properties can fight fires:

A Way to Warn Occupants
One of the most important pieces of fire protection equipment is the smoke alarm. According to a recent study, smoke alarms operated and alerted the occupants of non-residential properties in about 69% of the confined fire case studies included. However, there is one problem. Oftentimes, commercial fire alarms don’t go off as they should. The study found that smoke alarms were present in about 72% of nonconfined fires and were known to have operated in only 44% of them. In other words, these pieces of fire protection equipment are highly effective, but only if the managers of non-residential properties make sure they’re in proper working order.

A Way to Put Out the Fires Automatically
Commercial fire sprinkler systems are an effective way to eliminate fires as they occur. In one study, sprinklers operated in 91% of all reported structure fires large enough to activate sprinklers, including buildings that were under construction and building that didn’t have sprinklers in the fire area. Yet, many facilities fail to install these effective pieces of fire protection. Sprinklers have been found to be a part of only 36% of the fires that occurred in schools, 24% of fires that happened in stores and offices, 23% of the fires that occurred in public assembly properties, and only 6% of home fires.

A Way to Fight the Fires
Chances are you know that fire extinguishers are incredibly effective, but you probably don’t know how effective. In one study, nearly all the participants (98%) were able to successfully use a fire extinguisher by pulling the pin, squeezing the trigger, and discharging the extinguisher — all without any training.

These are just a few of the most effective ways non-residential properties can fight fires. If you have any questions about these fire protection products, feel free to share in the comments.







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