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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance: 3 Common Causes Of Leaking Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler

Fire safety is one thing that a majority of business and residence take very seriously and for which they will have protection measures in place. When you have a combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in your building, you could reduce overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50%, but any damages to these systems could quickly negate all of your safety efforts. Know these common causes of fire sprinkler leaks, and then contact fire sprinkler companies as soon as possible to get your system fixed.


Fire protection services can be made completely useless when the sprinklers have become corroded. For many years, it was thought that microbiologically-influenced corrosion was the primary contributor of sprinkler corrosion. In reality, oxygen is the leading cause of sprinkler corrosion. You’ll be able to tell if oxygen has been eating away at your fire sprinkler system if you encounter a rotten egg smell, rusting on the pipes, discolored water coming from the sprinklers, or an obstruction in the pipes. If you find these signs, call the best of your local fire sprinkler companies to perform a fire sprinkler inspection.


If your fire sprinklers freeze, it is typically because of a heating system failure. When you need to turn off the heat for any reason, make sure that it doesn’t drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and that it is turned back on as soon as possible. Fire sprinkler heads that are located near open windows also run the risk of freezing and leaking. When fire sprinklers freeze, small bits of water will find any way they can out of the pipes and if a fire does occur, the system will not function properly.

Damaged Equipment

Sprinkler heads and pipes that are damaged are another common cause of fire sprinkler leaks. In some cases, vandals intentionally damage the systems. More often, construction equipment like forklifts and ladders will accidentally damage fire sprinklers during a renovation project. To prevent potential damage, you can install protective cages around sprinkler heads. If you see that any part of your system has been damaged, contact fire sprinkler companies right away to have a professional come in for a repair.

Being aware of what typically causes leaks in your fire sprinkler system will ensure that you stay on top of the safety of your building and its occupants. Know these causes, and you’ll practice excellent fire safety.