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Fire Sprinkler Installation

United Fire Protection’s premier fire protection designers and engineers will work with you to determine the proper fire sprinkler installation your facility needs to ensure the highest level of safety and satisfaction. Our aim is to provide you with World Class Service in order to protect you and your employees, customers, and valuable assets from the potential of a fire emergency.

The Design Process

United Fire Protection will work closely with you and fire officials to ensure the design meets your objectives as well as the highest level of safety measures. We will satisfy your insurance requirements and guarantee you meet the latest national, state, and local fire codes. Our far-sighted engineers will make sure that your system is optimized for growth as well. Rest assured that future business growth and any possible tenant improvements have already been taken into consideration before we even begin to install your system. You will receive detailed computerized drawings, precise calculations and comprehensive product data for your approval.

Our Fire Sprinkler Design Capabilities

United Fire Protection has provided World Class Service to companies just like yours for over 15 years. We are prepared to design a sprinkler system that takes into consideration your every safety need. We use the latest digital technology to design your sprinkler system and are equally as capable of designing a system for new construction as we are of retrofitting or upgrading an existing system.

We are adept at designing sprinkler systems that take into account the particular hazards of your building situation in order to keep you and your valuable resources protected. United Fire Protection designs and installs pre-action sprinklers, foam and deluge systems, in-rack sprinklers and inert gas suppression systems.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Once you have approved the final design, we manage every step of the process, keeping you free to operate your business while we address your safety needs. We are truly a full-service fire protection company and your safety is our highest concern. Our experts manage all permitting, fabricating, and installation. We will manage every detail for you.

When it is time to install your carefully selected fire sprinkler system, rest assured that our highly trained professional installers and certified fire safety technicians have extensive knowledge and the hours of experience and formal training necessary to ensure that you receive the quality work we are known for in the fire protection business.

United Fire Protection’s highly trained installation supervisors direct the careful and precise installation and testing of your state-of-the-art fire sprinkler system. We test every aspect of your new system and ensure that all is in top-notch working order. Placing your fire safety needs in our capable hands is the best decision you can make to protect your company, your employees, your customers, and your valuable assets.



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