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Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing

United Fire Protection’s World Class Service fire protection services include the very best of the National Fire Protection Association approved inspections and testing designed to keep your employees, customers, business property, data, and valuables safe from the potential damages a fire emergency can cause. Our fire sprinkler inspections and testing meet every code and standard set by the NFPA and ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are prepared in the case of a fire emergency. You will also have all of the documentation and records necessary to share with fire officials.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

United Fire Protection provides code-required fire sprinkler inspections and repair services for all of our fire protection services. Following the installation of your system, we will inspect, maintain, and repair at regularly scheduled intervals. We will physically test alarm reactions, water flow, and control valves. In addition, we visually establish that all emergency lighting is in proper working order and that all sprinkler heads and piping have the proper orientation, support, clearance, and accessibility to provide the best coverage during a fire emergency. We check fire department connections, water pressure and system calibration dates. We ensure that all valves are clearly marked and inspect the valve head inventory to establish that spare sprinkler heads are available. We certify that all valves are properly positioned, sealed and documented. In addition, we verify that all signals are appropriately monitored so that in the case of a fire emergency your alarm will be quickly answered.

Fire Sprinkler Testing

United Fire Protection delivers World Class Service testing services to ensure your fire sprinkler system is in top working condition. Our fire protection technicians perform main drain system tests and record results to verify that continued proper water volume is available for your sprinkler system needs. We test all alarm and notification devices to confirm that your building alarm system is functioning properly. We test and lubricate all control valves in an effort to maintain full range of motion before returning it to its normal position. In addition, we search for broken seams, leakage or any other signs that might signal corrosion and a need for repair. All valves are then reset and re-locked.

Online Inspection Reports

Your fire safety inspection reports are available electronically and are easily accessible to you and fire officials from anywhere and at any time. Our code compliant reports are easy to read and ensure that you have the proper documentation necessary to comply with state, local and NFPA regulations.



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