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Fire Protection: Protecting Your Business Means Protecting Other Businesses

Fire sprinkler

fire protection companiesWhen a fire starts in one building, it not only can cause damage to that building, but the others surrounding it as well. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when a vacant Birmingham hotel caught on fire a few days ago.

Each year, there is about $76 million in property loss from hotel and motel fires. But the property damage from this hotel fire was much more extensive, as it spread to four other building surrounding the hotel. Around 50 firefighters spent several hours trying to put out the two-alarm fire.

The Hospitality Inn has been closed for around five years, but the fire spread to the Yum Yai Thai restaurant, the Chai Market, and two other vacant buildings. According to BFRS Battalion Chief Sebastian Carillo, there was a firewall in place between the buildings, which did help to slow the spreading of the fire, but ultimately, it did cause extensive damage to all of the buildings affected. There were no reported injuries or deaths.

Why Does Your Business Need Fire Alarm Systems?

If you own or manage a business, it’s your responsibility to work with local fire protection companies. Fire protection services not only protect your business, but surrounding buildings and areas as well — as you can see from the story above, fires can quickly spread.

Businesses like hotels and even places like schools all need adequate fire protection. Having a wide variety of protection systems in place can be beneficial. Different types of fire protection services like fire alarms, sprinklers, and even emergency lighting can be utilized throughout a building. These protection systems are especially important in businesses that use cooking equipment, but even something as general as a building’s electrical system can cause a fire.

Fires result in immense damage, especially when they quickly spread due to lack of proper protection. And, of course, people are put in danger when a fire starts. So if you’re looking to protect your business, employees, customers, and simply anyone nearby, you need to work with local fire protection companies to ensure you have the systems in place that will be most helpful in the event of a fire.