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Fire Alarm Inspection

Your fire alarm system is at the core of your building’s fire protection system. It is the most effective method of warning the people in your building of a fire emergency, facilitating the safe and careful evacuation of everyone from your property. In order to make sure your fire alarm system is functioning at its highest level, we at United Fire Protection schedule all of your important fire safety and fire alarm inspection and testing services.

United Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection company that provides your firm with World Class Service and the very best we have to offer: peace of mind. When you work with United Fire Protection you can be sure that every fire safety protection angle of your business is covered. Our number one priority is that you, your employees, and your valuable property will be safe in the case of a potential fire emergency. It is imperative that your fire alarm system is fully functional and set to notify both you and the authorities in the case of an emergency or the presence of a faulty device.

The National Fire Protection Association requires that fire alarm systems are inspected and tested regularly. However, your local and state agencies may require more frequent testing. United Fire Protection’s commitment to you is that we meet all standards with the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. It is our business to know all pertinent safety code standards, and we always comply with whichever standards are the most stringent. Your safety is our number one concern.

United Fire Protection’s skilled experts inspect, maintain, and repair all of our fire alarm systems. We never subcontract any of our work. Our inspections include all appropriate quarterly and annual tests as well as 24-hour emergency testing. Every aspect of your fire alarm system will be serviced and tested on a regular basis.

Our inspections are extremely thorough. During our regular inspections, we inspect control panels, verify monitor connections and inspect annunciators. We test all pull stations, bells, and audio/visual devices. We assess elevator recall, door holders, detectors and switches. Finally, we ensure that all circuitry and wiring is fully functional and compliant, and we run a load test of standby batteries.

Online Fire Alarm Inspection Reports

United Fire Protection provides easy access to your very own e-portal online reporting system. Here you will have the ability to view the status of inspections, online recall alerts, your maintenance and inspection schedule, and any necessary repair quotes, reducing the need for internal documentation.



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