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Everything Property Managers Should Know About Fire Protection and Safety

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Property managers have plenty to worry about, but the number one issue is the safety of everyone on their property. Fire protection is an obviously essential part of this duty, as fires can have devastating effects. Motel and hotel fires cause an estimated 150 injuries and 15 deaths each year in the United States. That’s why fire protection is so essential for property managers.

Space Heaters

You should have strict policies in your building, no matter the size or amount of residents, that go over the use of space heaters. Whether the heaters are for hotel rooms, offices, hallways, units, or any other type of area, improper use with these heaters can end up causing a fire.

  1. Make sure that the heaters in your building have been properly tested and adhere to the latest national safety standards.
  2. Make sure it’s known that all heaters should be turned off when the designed room is going to be vacant.
  3. Place all heaters in areas that are properly ventilated and far from any combustibles.
  4. Don’t rely on extension cords to power your space heaters. You should always plug the cords directly into outlets for power.
  5. Regularly inspect all heaters on the property and report any damage immediately.

Safety Tips

Fire safety should be a top priority for any property manager as the lives of tenants, the property itself, and anyone else operating around the building are all at risk. Here are a few more things you can do to promote proper fire safety.

  • To ensure that you aren’t liable for any damage, provided that you are taking all the necessary safety precautions and following safety procedures, you should document everything. Take pictures of every inch of your property before another renter begins their stay and document all the lease rules.
  • Ban dangerous activities indoors and near the property that could lead to a fire, including cooking on balconies, burning of candles, and smoking.

Don’t ruin your career as a property manager because you didn’t take the necessary safety precautions. Contact a fire protection company today if you need assistance with commercial fire alarm installation or any other fire-related safety job.







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