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Early Warnings: One of the Most Important Fire Protection Services Out There

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One of the most important commercial fire protection services offered nowadays is 24 hour fire alarm monitoring. Don’t believe it? Consider the following facts.

Early Warning Systems Can Help Cut Damage in Half.
Through the combination of 24 hour fire alarm monitoring and automatic fire sprinkler systems, overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage could be reduced by 50% at least. In other words, having an early detection system and a means with which to put it out as quickly as possible could halve the damage fires do, and that’s including the larger fire hazards, too.

The Sooner Fire Departments Know About Fires, the Better the Outcome.
Research shows that the sooner fire departments learn about a fire, the better they’ll be able to respond. In fact, early warning systems could have a huge impact on the broader range of fire scenarios. All it takes is three minutes of warning, something 24 hour fire alarm monitoring can more than take care of.

Early Warning Is One of the Most Important Ways to Limit Fire Damage.
It doesn’t matter where a fire starts or whether the suppression system activates. So long as there is a fire alarm system in place to provide a warning of 10 to 15 minutes before the fire reaches the end of the incipient stage, fire departments will be able to limit the damage. In other words, early warning detection systems are the most important pieces of fire protection equipment that non-residential structures can be outfitted with.

The point is clear: warnings matter. A structure that’s been outfitted with 24 hour fire alarm monitoring stands a much better chance of not only surviving a fire but thoroughly and effectively limiting the damage of one.

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