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Don’t Let Property Damage From a Fire Inflame Your Temper and Burn Out Your Wallet


fire sprinkler installation

On average, hotel and motel fires cause $76 million to be lost to property damage. They have the potential to truly devastate a business if not dealt with a soon as physically possible. Fire alarm systems only ensure that you and others leave the building if a fire were to start, fire extinguishers can only do so much and in the time it takes for the fire department to rush in and deal with the blaze, you could be out a colossal amount of money. Investing in a quality fire sprinkler installation can not only keep you and others infinitely safer, it can save you hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are a must for any business. Proper fire sprinkler installation by a professional gives you the assurance that the single more effective form of fighting fires is just a few feet above your head. Often times, installing a sprinkler system can also lead to discounts on your buildings insurance. Reacting through exceedingly high temperatures in rooms, sprinkler systems activate while the blaze remains relatively small. This stops the spread of both the flames, the heat and the toxic chemicals from spreading through the air, reducing the damage done to the property by a drastic amount.

An initial concern of having a fire sprinkler system, in lieu of other prevention and suppression methods, is the worry of water damage. When compared to the damage that would be caused by the fire if the blaze were allowed to rage out of control, there is no uncertainty. The devastation of a fire would be disastrous when compared to any water damage a sprinkler system might do. Even a firefighter’s hose has enough water pressure to cause much more damage, when compared to the considerably gentle rain of a sprinkler system. This leaves a greater part of your business intact, lowers any repair costs you may need by a huge amount, and leave you and your customers with the greatest protection from fires they could ask for.

When it comes to the unpredictable nature of a fire, there can be no substitute. Fire sprinkler systems are clearly the best when avoiding all that heat.