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We Design Systems That Meet Your Objectives

Each fire suppression and life safety design and installation project requires a thorough understanding of your objectives. From the beginning, our team of designers and engineers work closely with you and the appropriate fire officials to ensure the design meets your objectives, your insurance requirements, and the latest national, state and local fire codes and specifications.

United Fire Protection manages every step of the project from permitting and fabricating to installation and final acceptance. Clients also receive detailed computerized drawings, precise calculations and product data.

Flexibility Built Into Each Design

We build flexibility into your fire suppression and life safety design so that your systems can be modified to meet future business growth and tenant improvement needs. The system we design and install today will be a viable and expandable system tomorrow.

Thorough Knowledge Of Equipment

United Fire Protection maintains a thorough understanding of the capabilities of our fire protection and life safety systems. We recommend and install equipment that is certified, reliable, and effective for the specific environment of your construction project. Because we are not an equipment manufacturer, we offer unbiased recommendations based not the system that will best protect your people and facilities.

A Seamless Installation Team

United Fire Protection’s professional installers and supervisors have formal and hands-on training of the equipment, codes and standards that are specified for your project. Experienced supervisors direct the careful and precise installation and testing of the fire protection devices, equipment and components.

Services Offered:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Retail New Construction
  • Retrofit or Tenant Improvement
  • Pre-Action Systems for Critical Facilities
  • Wet or Dry Pipe Systems
  • Special Hazards (Pre-action, Deluge or Inert Gas Suppression)
  • High Hazards (AFFF Foam)
  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Backflows
  • Construction Services



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