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Debunking Common Myths About Industrial Fire Protection Services

Fire sprinkler

The majority of people learn the basics of fire safety during childhood from a combination of school lessons and what is shown in movies and television. While these sources can give a basic understanding, they can also create dangerous misconceptions about what types of industrial fire protection services you need. Know the truth to these common misconceptions and get the right types of fire protection services today.

Myth #1: Sprinklers cause more damage than fire

There is a widespread misconception among commercial building owners everywhere that when one sprinkler goes off all of them go off, inundating the building and destroying everything inside of it. In reality, four or fewer sprinklers extinguish about 90% of fires and just a single sprinkler puts out about 65% of fires. Besides a deluge sprinkler system, which is typically only used in high-hazard applications, sprinkler heads operate only when the heat from a fire melts the fusible link that keeps the sprinkler closed.

Myth #2: Buildings that meet code don’t need more protection

The fire and building codes by which most facilities need to adhere are meant to get occupants out safely, not protect the building from a fire. Any commercial building still needs industrial fire protection services to put out the fire and ensure that it doesn’t destroy the entire building. The fire alarms in protection services are essential to have in conjunction with sprinklers to get occupants out in time. Having a combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems in all buildings could reduce property damage, overall injuries, and loss of life by at least 50%.

Myth #3: Sprinklers go off accidentally

While this can happen, the occurrence of sprinkler heads failing is extremely rare. It happens so infrequently that there is no precise data on it, but experts estimate that just one in 2.5 million sprinkler systems will activate inadvertently. If it does happen, it is likely because of mechanical damage or poor system design. To ensure that your sprinkler system is completely reliable, be sure to have regular inspections from a trusted fire protection company.

Properly protecting against fire is one of the most important things you can do for your building and its occupants. Be sure that you have the industrial fire protection services you need and contact an experienced company today.