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Debunking Common Fire Sprinkler Myths

Fire sprinkler

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To be prepared in the event of a fire, all businesses or buildings should be equipped with some type of commercial fire protection system. Whether you oversee an office building or apartment complex, it is your duty as a business owner or property manager to keep your patrons and employees safe if a fire were to occur.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are among the most popular fire protection options. If you’re in need of a trusted fire protection system, consider fire sprinkler installation.

However, sprinklers have certain reputation due to several common myths that many people still believe. We’ve busted the top three myths to deliver the truth about these life-saving devices.

Myth: Water damage from sprinklers is more extensive than damage from a fire
Although some water damage is inevitable, it’s not nearly as bad as damage from a fire. If a blaze isn’t extinguished, a fire could easily burn an entire structure to the ground. Sprinklers also release much less water than a fire hose, thus reducing the amount of water damage. They release about eight to 24 gallons per minute as opposed to 80 to 125 gallons that are discharged by a standard fire hose.

Myth: When a fire occurs, every sprinkler in the building will go off
Once again, this is untrue. Sprinkler heads are individually activated by temperatures above 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Only the units in close proximity to the fire will engage, saving the rest of the building from water damage.

Even though this is the case, fire sprinkler installation in every room or area of the building is crucial. Most fires will grow large enough to activate at least one sprinkler. A full 91% of all reported structure fires utilized at least one sprinkler unit proving that although not all sprinklers were activated, the ones that were needed responded quickly and efficiently.

Myth: A smoke detector is enough in terms of fire protection
Fire alarm systems are not enough to keep your residents safe. They will surely be alerted of the fire, but a sprinkler system is needed to extinguish the flames once people have successfully evacuated. Both systems should be employed for maximum protection: the combination of sprinklers and alarm systems could reduce overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage by at least 50%.

Once you’re educated on the truths of sprinklers, it is easy to see why they are so beneficial. Not only do they douse a fire immediately, they protect both people and property. If you are in need of a safe, reliable fire protection system, contact local fire sprinkler contractors for trusted and professional fire sprinkler installation.







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