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Debunking a Few of the Most Common Commercial Fire Protection Myths

Fire sprinkler

Apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick are among the four property types that account for the vast majority of high-rise fires. Despite all of the facts though, there are still some harmful myths circulating about commercial fire protection.

A fire protection company could most likely write a list of these a mile long, but here are a few of the most common myths about commercial fire protection services.

MYTH: Fire Sprinklers Don’t Mix With Electricity
Contrary to popular belief, most electrical equipment damaged by smoke or exposed to sprinkler water can easily be cleaned and restored. the most common argument for keeping sprinklers out of electrical rooms is “personnel hazard,” but according to fire protection standards, everyone should be evacuated from a space long before a sprinkler activates.

MYTH: Sprinklers do More Damage Than the Fire
Nobody likes water damage, but a soggy work area is much better than having an entire space burn to the ground. Sprinklers are designed to provide early fire control, minimizing the damage done by the blaze.

MYTH: Sprinklers Might Activate by Accident
Fortunately, the failure-rate of sprinklers is extremely low. Accidental discharge is very rare, and sprinkler system components, design, and installation are all controlled by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to ensure quality.

MYTH: Manual Fire Suppression is Better Than Sprinklers
If a fire protection company recommends sprinklers, they’ll always be the more effective option. Manual fire fighting efforts are only used as a last resort when all automated fire suppression efforts have failed.

MYTH: If a Building Has Sprinklers, it’s Protected
While sprinkler systems have a strong record of preventing injury and damage in a fire, that doesn’t necessarily mean that just because a building has them it will automatically offer top notch protection. Fire sprinkler systems need to be regularly inspected and well-maintained in order to function properly, a task which should be entrusted to a fire protection company.

If you have more questions about commercial fire protection myths, don’t hesitate to contact a fire protection service to get the facts.







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