Data Center Fire Suppression

Loss of data and productivity is preventable with effective monitoring and properly designed, installed and serviced clean agent fire suppression systems.

At United Fire Protection, we offer innovative solutions to integrate all of your data center fire suppression needs.  From our specialization in clean agent fire suppression and VESDA systems to alarm solutions and service maintenance; our fire protection services are geared toward fulfilling our mission of protecting life, property and business continuity. Contact your local United Fire Protection representative today to learn more about Clean Agent Fire Suppression.

Clean Agent Suppression Vs. Fire Sprinklers

Clean Agent Suppression

No Residue
Safe For People
Minimal Downtime
Fast Acting
Protects Equipment


Substantial Clean-Up
Electrical Hazard
Significant Downtime
Thermal Lag
Focused On Building Protection

What Is Thermal Lag?

The time required to add or remove heat from a mass before it reaches the set point temperature.

Simply put, by the time sprinklers are triggered, the air surrounding the equipment is significantly higher than the sprinkler head, effectively destroying equipment and compromising data.

Did You Know?

In a typical computer room fire, over 90% of damage is caused by smoke and according to the FCC, downtime in a data center can exceed $2 Million dollars per hour.

clean-agent-roomAnatomy of a Clean Agent Room



    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Sprinkler Systems
    Clean Agent Fire Suppression
    Fire Extinguishers
    24 Hour Monitoring
    Test And Inspections
    Service, Repairs And Maintenance
    Fire Pumps
    Fire Hydrants
    Backflow Prevention
    Online Reporting
    Emergency Light Testing

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