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Condo and Apartment Fire Protection

For over 15 years United Fire Protection has been providing condominium and apartment complexes with the finest in fire safety and fire protection systems. Our talented designers and engineers are highly experienced in providing the very best safety measures for residential facilities. We design, install, inspect, repair and maintain top quality fire protection systems so that residents are completely safe and you can rest knowing that your facility is well protected.

United Fire Protection maintains an online reporting system that tracks maintenance and inspection records for you and fire officials. Our advanced website confidentially and securely tracks important inspection and testing dates so that your residential facility is safe from fire hazard. The security of our system provides you private access to all your files by download or e-mail and simultaneously gives you the comfort of knowing your fire protection data is preserved.

Fire Alarms:

It is imperative that your residential facility be outfitted with a fire alarm system that not only meets all national and local fire safety codes, but one that is unimpeachably sound, providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that your facility is safe. United Fire Protection designs and installs custom fire alarm systems for all types of residential buildings. Our experts will ensure that your facility and all residents are protected in case of any type of fire emergency. Once your system is installed, we will test, inspect, repair and maintain your alarm system throughout its lifetime. We conduct all quarterly and annual fire safety inspections and provide you with easy to read reports.

Fire Alarm Monitoring:

United Fire Protection’s World Class Service fire alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day by our partner, Emergency 24, a nationally renowned emergency monitoring organization. In the case of a fire notification, Emergency 24 instantly contacts local fire emergency providers and then contacts both you and the proper authorities at our company so that we too can respond and help you through a fire emergency.

Fire Sprinklers:

United Fire Protection’s automatic fire sprinkler systems provide your apartment complex or condominium with 24-hour emergency fire protection services. Our sprinkler systems quickly and rapidly limit the spread of fires by containing and extinguishing them in the apartment or area of the building in which they started. United Fire Protection’s highly trained technicians regularly test, inspect, repair and maintain your sprinkler system so that you know it is in proper working order.

Fire Suppression:

At United Fire Protection, we offer the most advanced fire suppression technologies along with specialized design services to meet the needs of your residential facility. Our clean agent fire suppression systems guard data centers and valuable equipment in the case of a fire emergency. Our fire safety engineers will work closely with you to design and install a fire suppression system that suits the needs of your residential facility, providing the highest level of protection for your valuable assets.



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