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Fire Alarm Services in Atlanta

When you have made a major investment in your commercial, retail, or industrial property, the last thing you want is to watch it go up in flames. United Fire Protection can help protect your business from loss by having fire alarm systems installed that are tailor-made to protect your specific risks. When you work with United Fire Protection, you will feel secure knowing that we never use subcontractors and that our 15 years of experience will allow us to design a system that will alert you of a fire at the earliest stage. We understand that every business is different and our team of certified technicians will customize a solution that meets your design and installation needs, as well as, scheduling routine repair, maintenance and inspections of your fire alarm equipment.

As part of our emphasis on World Class Service, United Fire Protection makes operational efficiency a top priority. As a United Fire Protection customer, you can check on the status of your system anytime day or night with our web-based reporting system that offers 24/7 access via our secure online portal. Your United Fire Protection Account Manager is also responsible for actively monitoring your account and will contact you to arrange preventative maintenance and required inspections.

Covering Atlanta With World Class Service

The city of Atlanta, the eighth largest commercial center in the country, is the corporate headquarters of major media centers, data centers, hotels, distribution centers and many other giants in logistics and professional services. The wide diversity of these types of businesses calls for customized fire protection analysis, as the fire alarm systems for office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and computer facilities each have different requirements. United Fire Protection works with local business large and small to design, install, maintain and inspect fire alarm systems geared to your needs.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Services:

Fire Alarm Design and Installation. Based on the requirements of local fire authorities for your building, we design and build a fire alarm system that is right for your industry, whether your facilities include offices, warehouses, retail space, or a combination of all of these. When the design is ready, our highly qualified technical staff perform the system installation, not subcontractors.

Fire Alarm Repair and Maintenance. Attending to needed maintenance and occasional repairs readies your system to respond at all times. A United Fire Protection technician is always on hand to arrange for service to keep your facilities safe and your mind at ease.

Fire Alarm Inspections. As our ScanSeries® application collects and records data about your equipment, our technicians perform the inspections required by local bodies and the NFPA, and verify that your equipment is in tip-top shape.

Fire Alarm Monitoring., United Fire Protection offers 24/7 monitoring with Central Station Monitoring provided by our partner, Emergency 24. Any time your alarm signals a disturbance day or night, Emergency 24 will notify the fire department, designated personnel at your company, and United Fire Protection.

One Call Does It All For Your Fire Alarm Systems in Atlanta

At United Fire Protection, we never sub-contract, our certified technicians can handle every aspect of your needs from design, installation, repair, inspection and maintenance requirements of your fire alarm systems. Call United Fire Protection today at 888-822-5544 or contact us online via our website form for to schedule a consultation with a certified technician.



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