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A Fire in the Warehouse: What You Should Know

Fire sprinkler

fire protectionWarehouse owners cannot underestimate the danger a fire can pose to their property, and to their staff. Here are just a few fire facts about warehouse fires that are particularly startling.

Warehouse Fires Happen Each Year in Surprising Amounts.
The good news is that warehouse fires have declined substantially over the past 30 years. In 1980, there were about 4,700 warehouse fires. In 2011, there were only 1,200 — almost 25% the total from 30 years ago. The bad news is that they still happen frequently.
In 2011, there were more than three warehouse fires each day.

Warehouse Fires Are More Destructive Than Other Types of Fires.
Warehouse fires are unfortunately associated with higher average property losses per fire than other types of fires, though they do have lower ranges of injury per 1,000 fires. According to data from the National Fire Protection Association, between 2007 and 2011 warehouse fires did nearly $16 million in direct property damages each month.

Commercial Fire Protection Services Offer Effective Ways to Suppress Warehouse Fires.
Fortunately, commercial fire protection services offer effective ways for warehouse owners to reduce the risk of fires occurring, and suppress them in the unfortunate chance that they do occur. The combination of both automatic, commercial fire sprinkler systems, and commercial fire alarm monitoring has the potential to reduce the overall risk of injury, fatality, and property damage by at least half.

Although warehouse fires happen in surprising amounts each year, and though they’re more destructive than other types of fires, commercial fire protection services offer warehouses the means with which to reduce the risk, and suppress them. By installing both an alarm system, and a sprinkler system, warehouses can eliminate the risk, and put out any fire that should ever occur.

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