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A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

fire sprinkler systems

When you are in a building that’s on fire, every second count and what fire suppression system you have is critical to life or death. Many large commercial or industrial buildings and properties in Orlando have mandates on following fire protection laws. That means you need to have fire sprinkler systems capable of protecting property and the people within.

Thankfully you can have all the fire fighting power you choose. There are a host of different commercial fire sprinkler systems to consider. The comprehensive guide below provides you with information about fire sprinkler systems and which one may meet your needs best.

Best Fire Sprinkler Systems

Every fire sprinkler system for large commercial or industrial buildings has to meet fire regulation criteria. The fire sprinkler system must meet fire regulation criteria. However, meeting fire criteria doesn’t mean it’s one of the best fire sprinkler systems on the market.

You may not want to consider a fire sprinkler system unless you understand the installation requirements. You don’t want to get a fire sprinkler system that abides by NFPA 25 fire codes but doesn’t require you to analyze its full capabilities. You don’t want a sprinkler system that minimally meets the NFPA 25 mechanical criteria. 


Many restaurants use foam water commercial sprinkler systems. Restaurants need simplistic designs that are easy to use because various people ranging from customers to restaurant staff may need to use them. Foam water commercial sprinkler systems have a foam concentrate within.

The foam concentrate is made to extinguish a gas or alcohol fire but can be used to put out other types of fire as well.

Other Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Industry buildings need to put out flammable liquids stored or produced in their warehouses. The warehouses and commercial buildings often use Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems. The Deluge Fire Sprinkler System consists of a dry pipe system, but it’s one where the sprinkler heads are always open.

These systems require external heat sensors, and the water release is through all the sprinkler heads once it activates.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System 

A Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler system requires two steps to activate. But this is a fire sprinkler system that can detect heat or smoke. The Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler system opens because its valves detect heat or smoke. Once the valves are open, individual sprinkler heads activate.

The Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System individual sprinkler heads activate as water runs through its pipes to help extinguish fires. That’s why many large museums, libraries, and other large properties that contain one-of-a-kind pieces will use it.

Fire Safety

There is nothing more important than having fire sprinkler systems in any commercial building. If you want to ensure you have the right system for your commercial building, reach out to United Fire.  Every fire tells a story.

Many times the story is about whether the people within a building on fire were successfully evacuated. Don’t let any of your properties in Orlando be at risk of a fire that cannot be put out successfully. Now you have the knowledge and some solid tips about different fire sprinkler systems.

Every fire sprinkler system provides fire protection in some way, shape, or form. There many reasons why every commercial building should use a fire sprinkler system, but the most important one is it helps saves lives.







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