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6 Fire Prevention Tips All Landlords Should Follow


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As a landlord, it can be difficult to control what happens on your property. But, in order to prevent the worst from happening, you must issue rules and guidelines for your tenants to follow. The goal with these rules is to guarantee your tenants feel safe and secure, and one example of this is through fire protection and prevention.

It goes without saying that house fires and their related deaths and injuries pose a huge threat to landlords and their properties. To prevent this, implement these fire prevention tips to ensure safety for all.

Know your fire codes

First and foremost, pay attention to your local fire codes and ordinances in order to make sure you are legally protected. If you are ever unsure if something meets a necessary standard, have your fire inspector come check things out. Remember, you can never be too protected.

Clearly communicate rules

Before you even think of renting out a property, draw up a document of regulations for your tenants to abide by. You may want to include them in the lease, or have your tenants acknowledge receipt of these regulations with their signature.

Install smoke detectors

This may seem obvious, but many landlords forget to actually maintain their smoke detectors every few months. You must always check to ensure the detector works before a tenant moves in, and replace them every time one moves out. Plus, you cannot go wrong by installing carbon monoxide detectors for extra protection.

Put in fire sprinkler systems

A commercial fire sprinkler system can be especially useful if you own a larger apartment building. These quick response sprinklers can release up to 24 gallons of water per minute, and are one of the best fire protection systems you can invest in for the safety of your tenants.

Have at least one fire extinguisher in each apartment

At the very least, you should place a fire extinguisher in each kitchen. However, if you have properties with multiple levels, consider placing one on each floor. These simple instruments can quickly control small outbreaks and prevent large-scale damage.

Implement a strict no-smoking rule

One of the top causes of home fires is smoking indoors. Implement a strict no-smoking rule both inside and outside your property, and follow up if you notice any suspicious activity.

Fire protection is a serious threat, and should be taken as such. Follow these fire protection tips, and make sure your renters do, too.







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