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5 Things You Need to Know About Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

commercial fire sprinkler systems

Studies show that every 24 seconds a fire department will respond to a fire in the United States.

Does your business have a fire sprinkler system in place? What are the biggest risk factors of a fire starting in your building? What improvements can you make to manage your fire risk?

It is important to be prepared for a potential fire because thousands of dollars in damages can occur if the fire is able to spread through a building. 

Keep reading to learn more about commercial fire sprinkler systems:

1. Every Building Is Different

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are not a one-size-fits-all product. In order to properly protect the building from a fire, the system should be designed specifically for each space that it will be installed. 

Our team designs sprinkler systems that take into account the specifics of your building, as well as meeting the insurance requirements for your valuable assets inside.

2. The Cost Is Different Than Residential Sprinklers

Commercial building sprinkler systems require a larger water supply and cover more space than residential systems. The installation and overall equipment costs are typically more for this reason.

The setup of commercial buildings differs from homes as well, with different heating systems and cooking areas, the risk for fire can vary between the two locations.

3. Water Fights Fires

While this may seem like an obvious statement, water will be an asset to you if your building catches fire. 

The process of cold water hitting a fire helps remove the heat from the fire. In order to continue burning, fires need oxygen, fuel, and that heat. The sprinkler systems distributing water directly on the source prior to fire department response can be the difference in the fire being contained or spreading. 

4. Inspections

Inspections of your commercial sprinkler system is important for the safety of your building as well as staying complying with the fire codes in the area that your building is located in. We provide code-required fire sprinkler inspections and repair services for all of the fire protection services that our company offers.

5. Keeping Your Building Safe

Installing sprinkler systems in your commercial building is a great line of defense against a fire. Unlike the movies, the sprinklers are typically only activated in the area of the fire. This happens when they are triggered by the extreme heat of the fire. 

You can rest assured that some burnt popcorn in the lunch area is not going to flood your office with water. Taking steps to design, install, and consistently check your sprinklers can keep everyone safe and save you money if you ever have an issue with a fire starting in the building.  

Get Protected Today

Now that you have read more about commercial fire sprinkler systems, you can prepare your business today. Visit our website to request a quote today and we are happy to discuss our fire services with you. We have four locations to serve you and look forward to working together. 







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