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5 Fire Alarm Maintenance Tips

Fire Alarm Maintenance

In the city of Orlando and the rest of Florida, maintaining a fire protection system is more than a matter of safety. It’s a requirement under the law. 

These systems can include sprinklers, standpipes, and more. Starting with a component that almost every building has makes it easier to handle. 

Read our fire alarm maintenance guide to learn the basics of how to keep it working/

Choose and Install Smoke Detectors

Florida sits below the national average for fires. There are 2 deaths and 10 injuries per 1,000 fires. Compare that to 2.3 deaths and 7.9 injuries throughout the country. 

A smoke detector is one of the best ways to prevent them. They register heat or smoke in any room. They send a signal to the fire alarm to create a sound large enough for a commercial building.

Do your research to find the right type of smoke detector and fire alarm for your building. Do an initial test to make sure they work well together. 

Test the System Regularly 

Test every part of your fire alarm system as often as possible. Check the detector points every week and note any problems. Find out if the smoke detector or any other component isn’t working the way it should.

Remove Obstructions or Debris

Cleaning is an underrated but important part of fire alarm maintenance. If any of its parts are blocked, it won’t be able to send a powerful enough signal.

Get rid of anything that blocks the detectors at least every four months. Do a thorough cleaning every so often. Take the fire alarm off the wall and clean it with tools such as a:

  • Vacuum attachment
  • Compressed air can
  • Dry cloth

Replace the Batteries At Least Once a Year

Battery changing is a familiar part of smoke alarm maintenance, but that’s not all. Those batteries need to be changed out, but so do the ones in your fire alarm detectors.

Set a date every year to put in new ones. Make it a well-known date or keep a record so that you won’t forget. The manufacturer’s guide can also help you pick. 

Keep Proper Documentation

Keep a careful record of when and how you complete all your fire alarm maintenance tasks. A few of the most important but neglected include:

  • Service certificates
  • Fire register books
  • Records of quarterly inspections
  • Records of which detectors are tested at each visit

Failing to have these records can leave you in legal trouble or keep you from getting the insurance payment you deserve if a fire does occur. They also provide the information that professionals need when they look at or fix your alarm.

Get Professional Inspections and Repairs

Proper fire alarm maintenance requires a yearly inspection. They can point out problems you may not have noticed.

Leave fire alarm repairs to the professionals. Call them in as soon as you notice any issues.

Where to Get Fire Alarm Maintenance and Repair

Fire alarm maintenance is a legal requirement and a way to keep your building safe. Create a routine to make sure it’s handled. 

Choose the right smoke detectors. Conduct regular tests of the entire system. Remove any debris you see and conduct regular cleanings. Replace the batteries when needed.

Document everything you do. Get it inspected and repaired by a professional.

United Fire checks and installs systems for large commercial buildings. Get our fire protection services today.







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