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5 Benefits of Having an Automatic Sprinkler System Installed

Fire sprinkler

fire protectionThe risk of a fire in any structure is something serious to consider, but even more so when your entire business and livelihood is on the line. Firefighters can only do so much after a blaze has already been ignited, which is why it’s so important to have some form of fire protection service already installed.

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are one of the best methods of fire prevention out there today. If you’re not sure whether or not this fire protection method is right for your commercial building, here are five benefits associated with our commercial fire sprinkler systems.

Sprinklers Save Lives
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has no record of more than two deaths in a fire when the building had a functional sprinkler system in place. These fire protection services save lives and can help those evacuating get out of the building safely.

Reduces Risk of Damage
A sprinkler system can not only save lives, it can reduce damage to your property if functioning properly. Keep in mind that approximately 44% of system failures were due to a lack of maintenance, so even though a sprinkler system exists in your building, it doesn’t mean you can ignore maintenance necessities.

Relatively Inexpensive
For the amount of protection you’ll be getting and money you’ll be saving in the event of a fire, sprinkler systems are very cost efficient. These systems are affordable, quick to install, and provide peace of mind by fostering a safe work environment.

Reduce Insurance Premiums
Some business owners, in an effort to save a little money, won’t invest in the best fire sprinkler system. However, investing in a sprinkler system can actually save money on insurance premiums in the long run, not to mention protect a business from serious fire damage.

Low Maintenance
Once installed, fire sprinkler systems are actually relatively low maintenance. They only require inspections on an annual basis to determine their functionality, but other than that they can last upwards of 20 years without any major repairs or upgrades needed.

Yet despite all these life-saving benefits, a recent survey of over 100 businesses revealed that only 35% had any kind of fire prevention plan. Too many business owners overlook the importance of a sprinkler system and go without.

Don’t let your business be one of those without any kind of fire prevention plan. Contact United Fire Protection today.







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