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4 Tips For Preventing Fires In Your Office Building

Fire sprinkler

fire sprinkler servicesWhen you go to work, stay in a hotel, or make a trip to the hospital, the last thing you want to think about is being involved in a fire.

In these very public places, it is critical to have fire prevention and protection plans in place. As much as we want to believe that a fire will not happen, it is always a possibility. Alarm.org gives us these safety tips about fire prevention and protection.

It is important that trash, paper waste, and other flammable items are properly disposed of. If the workplace, hospital, or hotel are not free of these items, a fire can easily break out.

Electrical Work
Check on electric cords, circuit boards like a breaker, and other electric elements in the building to make sure they are not at risk of starting a fire. A whole 19% of non-confined fires were a result of an electrical malfunction in hospitals between 2004 and 2006. It is crucial to replace electrical cords and other electric equipment when it is damaged to prevent the risk of a fire.

Hot Applicances
Alarm.org tells us to “keep heat-producing equipment away from anything that might burn.” Machines like coffee makers or microwaves are obvious appliances to keep away from flammable material. However, there are other, less obvious, problem causing machines. Even if you don’t think it produces heat, think again. Appliances like copiers and computers produce heat when in use and can cause a fire.

Fire Sprinkler Services
Lastly, but probably most importantly, your building needs to have a fire sprinkler system. Sprinklers are the very first step when attempting to put out a fire. Sprinklers go off before the fire department can get on the scene, and they can potentially decrease major damage made by the fire. This fire sprinkler system design needs to cover every area of your hotel, hospital, or office building. If this is not the case, the fire can spread to an area not covered by the sprinkler system and continue to grow, causing devastating damage.

Taking advantage of fire sprinkler services in your office building, hotel, or hospital can stop structural damage, protect your equipment, and save lives. Contact your local Atlanta fire protection company for a fire sprinkler installation in your building today.







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